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JGM Art website

We have looked after Jennifer Guerrini Maraldi for years and never tire of seeing her beautiful gallery or the wealth of exciting and vibrant pictures she finds in the Australian outback each year.

JGMART is a London gallery founded by private dealer, Jennifer Guerrini-Maraldi. She exhibits and sells contemporary aboriginal paintings and sculptures. Jennifer is a leading expert in Australian Contemporary Art offering paintings and sculpture by artists from the world’s oldest cultural traditions to collectors worldwide.

Jennifer is renowned throughout Australia for her integrity and keen eye, working closely with art advisors from official community art centres. She takes personal responsibility to ensure that artists are paid correctly and new artists supported. All artworks are accompanied by an official certificate and provenance. The Gallery represents the work of a wide selection of artists. Works come from communities on Mornington Island and the Tiwi Islands as well as regions of the Kimberley, APY and NPY Lands, Top End and Arnhem Land, Western and Central Desert areas.

JGMArt is a proud member of the Indigenous Art Code. Their Australian National Code of Conduct promotes and monitors professional conduct among dealers in indigenous visual art.


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