matt lambros

Matt Lambros – The Rest is Silence

We love the new exhibition at The Portman Gallery, one of our esteemed clients. ‘The Rest is Silence’ features the works of American photographer Matt Lambros in this highly topical UK premiere exhibition.

Matt’s extraordinary photographs tell the stories of decaying theatres from across the US. ‘The Rest is Silence’ presents 12 of his Abandoned collection, each showing how these buildings of cultural importance can fade before our eyes when the Arts loses support within a society.

“I’ve spent ten years composing photographic obituaries for once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled and forgotten. My hope for my work is that it will shine light on beautiful, dated architecture and on the equal yet sinister beauty in decay” – Matt Lambros

Matt’s work must remind us, the patrons, why supporting theatres and galleries in our cultural landscape is of the utmost importance.

Look what will happen if we don’t…

The Rest is Silence runs online at The Portman Gallery throughout December.